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Monday 14 October 2013

Smart bath fans

Posted by at 9:55 AM

We recently got to help a family fix a bathroom humidity problem.  They have three teenagers and an almost unlimited hot water supply - which causes some very long showers to happen!  The kids ran the bath fan while they were  in the bathroom, but shut it off when they left which means a lot of humidity was left in the bathroom.  We installed humidity sensing fans that will continue to run until the humidity has been brought down to the proper level.  The fans are quieter than the fans that were in there too, which is a nice bonus!  

HVAC is more than heating and air conditoning - there are lots of other things that we can do to make a home more comefortable.  Whole house humidification comes to mind as we enter winter and everything feels a little dryer.  Why not install a central humidifier that keeps your carpets from giving you static charges!  Bath fans either on timers or with an automatic sensor can also help keep humidity levels in check.  If you have an issue with home comfort - start with us and chances are it's something we can help you with.