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Thursday 25 April 2013

Sump Pumps
The minimum you should know

Posted at 8:43 AM

Frozen sump discharge
What does a functioning sump pump system look like?  There should be three key pieces...

  • A Primary Pump
  • An Emergency Backup Pump (Battery- or Water-Powered)
  • An Emergency Backup Pump Alarm

Because homes sometimes lose power during thunderstorms – just when an operational sump pump is critical – many pumping systems employ a backup pump. Emergency battery backup pumps work when the power goes out, when the primary pump does not remove the water fast enough, or if the primary pump fails.

In this setup, primary pumps are powered with electricity, and backup pumps are battery- or water-powered. Using two pumps instead of one makes it unlikely that both pumps will malfunction at the same time. And with the alarm system, you’ll be able to tell when the primary pump has failed and the backup pump has to be used.