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Wednesday 25 September 2013

Indian Summer
Great time for a tune up before you really need heat!

Posted by at 9:11 AM

Even though we are enjoying a wonderful Indian Summer pretty soon we will all be turning on the furnaces.  We are busy doing annual furnace check and inspections.  We sometimes get questioned if it is really necessary to do these tune ups.  I think the best analogy Dan has come up with is that it's the same as having the oil changed on your car.   How often do you skip that?  Sometimes we stretch it out a little longer than we should (I am especially guilty of this) but eventually we know it needs to be done.

It's the same with your mechanical equipment.  It works pretty seamlessly right until it doesn't, and it's never a good time for an emergency replacement!  We want to help you keep your equipment as long as it makes sense and it's safe and the best way to do that is through regular maintenance!

Speaking of replacement, we are installing a furnace next weekend for free!  Through our partner Lennox, we are participating in Heat UP Wisconsin for the second year.  This year's winner is a single mom who worked swing shift and two jobs in order to raise her son with no financial subsidies.  We really respect her ethics and are thrilled to be able to update her furnace!   It's especially neat that her younger sister has been our son's classmate since kindergarten and they are Freshman at Wausau West now!  It's a small world and we love having this opportunity to put our skills into use to really  make a meaningful contribution to someone else.