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Tuesday 24 February 2015

Fuzzy Filters
Change your furnace filters monthly

Posted by at 9:11 AM

Fuzzy Filters

You hear heating professionals harp a lot about changing your furnace filters.  We changed one today that was so clogged up the homeowner noticed his electric bills spiking.  Think of how much harder and longer the blower has to work to move air through a filter that is almost solid with dust accumulations.  Just for fun we held the old filter and a new one up in front of a window so you could see the congestion.  

Changing your furnace filter monthly is such an inexpensive way to make your heating system last longer AND keep electric bills from AND improve indoor air quality (because do you really want to breath air that has moved through 6 months of dust bunnies?!)  

We have a "fuzzy filter" contest going on this week on our Facebook page.  If you change your filter, snap a picture and be in the running to win a dozen new 1" filters!